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    I want to set up Super Chat on my channel but it won't let me:(I have done all that When l click enable super chat it says this (photo linked).Puuttuu: sunisah ‎thai ‎massage. I looking to find an answer about super chat donations. I've had a few today and im wondering how exactly im gonna recieve those to my bank as payments?Puuttuu: sunisah ‎thai ‎massage. Super Chat will replace Fan Funding, the site's previous tool for viewers to pay creators. YouTube's product manager Barbara Macdonald said  Puuttuu: sunisah ‎thai.


    The Slow Mo Guys Demo New Youtube Super Chat API

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    If you think better parental controls might be required, the next two and a half weeks are the best time to give YouTube your feedback. Apps Photography Virtual Reality. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. Ride-Sharing Cars Mass Transit.

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